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Laila Nsser:

Born 1941 in Lattakia. Shecontinued her art studies begun in Syria in Cairo. 

The rigidity of her portrayal of the female faces and bodies, captivated by the grief of women in oriental male society, is characteristic. Her works reflect the agonies of the ego and feminine suffering. The rhythm of the figures depicted and the system of repetitions come very close to those depicted on the walls of Egyptian temples. All this takes place within infinite linear and dissecting transformations, apart from the graceful changes in the light colours, whose lines detach from the surfaces in a contemporary, uniquely intuitive way. 


By Dr. Asaad Arabi  

A word from Laila:

"The elements with animal heads and human bodies serve to reflect the terrible situations that our youth experienced during these attacks and which will now accompany them everywhere. They will show the horrors of war that the Syrian people have experienced with their children, women, youth and elders. There is sympathy for the young people who are building up the country, they have suffered a great amount and are now living together in a unique way in the Arab arena. A youth has confidence, love and loyalty to their homeland, as well as the sense of responsibility towards it and the love for the country."

Contemporary Art in Syria - Bremen 2019
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