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Abdullah Murad

My thoughts and mind find difficulty in accepting the fact that art is difficult, which places me in a constant state of anxiety and doubts. I do not normally rejoice at small success, when I discover how fragile these successes really are.

I am always confused by the same question: “What does this painting mean?” 

The answer? This painting means itself... The painting has its own special identity; it has nothing to do with any other being or object, but is a mixture of colours moving in its own private world, away from speech or literature... I would say that a painting is a language constructed from silence. A language that can be heard by the eye and touched by the brain.

I believe that colour is the initial instrument the painter plays, and then he plays the instruments of his vision, reactions, feelings and maybe even his madness.

What does this painting mean? My painting is always an invitation to freedom and happiness, in a world devastated by anxiety, violence, anarchy and a lack of justice.


Individual and Collective Exhibitions


2017 ART ON 56t h Gallery- Beirut-Lebanon

2017 EUROPIA – Paris – France

2016 ART FAIR Gallery- Claude Lemand – Paris – France

2016 ART FAIR Beirut Lebanon

2015 ART FAIR Beirut Lebanon

2013 ART ON 56th Gallery Beirut Lebanon

2014 AYYAM ART Gallery Damascus – Syria

2010 AYYAM ART Gallery Damascus – Syria

2009 AL BARIB – Bahrain

2008 Al MARKHAI – Qatar

2007 AYYAM ART Gallery Damascus - Syria

2006 DAR KALIMAT Gallery Aleppo – Syria

2005 Syrian British Society London - England


2004 AL MAHABA Festival Latakia – Syria

2004 ZAWAYA Gallery Homs - Syria

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