All paintings are acrylic on paper


The Syrian artist Ghassan Jadid was born in the Mediterranean city of Tartous in 1946 and graduated from the University of Fine Arts, Damascus in 1971.


As an artist fascinated by this ancient and beautiful coastal city, he makes full use of its landmarks and character in his work, revealing memories of his childhood and youth in a mixture of soft yet strong and purposeful strokes.


His paintings have a vitality and vigour that spring directly from the depth and richness of the colours he chooses, communicating a powerful sense of joy to the viewer while retaining simplicity and clarity.  His technique seems to seamlessly sew the ink/acrylic into the canvas.


Jadid works freely and independently, adding individual touches to paintings to give them their own character: a spiral that joins more formal composition with the simplicity of a child’s work, all the time portraying aspects of his city: the seashore, the walls, windows, balconies and stairs, symbols that confer brightness, imagination and surrealism.


Since the 1960s, Ghassan Jadid has exhibited in over 40 solo shows throughout Syria as well as in France, Germany, Lebanon and Tunisia. In addition, he has participated in many contemporary art events in Kuwait and the UAE, and in Syria’s annual Spring and Autumn shows. From 1982 to 1986, he was director of the Tartous Arts Council.


To this day, Ghassan Jadid lives in Tartous, his beloved birthplace, hometown and inspiration, which he still celebrates in paint every day.

Ghassan Jadid

3.   24x21cm 2013
3. 24x21cm 2013
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5.  24x21cm 2007
5. 24x21cm 2007
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7.  24.5x23cm 2008
7. 24.5x23cm 2008
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9.  24.5x22.5cm 2008
9. 24.5x22.5cm 2008
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16.  24x25.5cm 2011
16. 24x25.5cm 2011
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17.   21x22.5cm 2010
17. 21x22.5cm 2010
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18.   24x22cm 2005
18. 24x22cm 2005
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19.   21x21.5cm 2002
19. 21x21.5cm 2002
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24.  21.5x23cm 2011
24. 21.5x23cm 2011
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A Word From Ghassan

Memories Of Cities 2017

The works I present illuminate the past of places that I have known a long time and which to me are as precious vessels on the Mediterranean coast; my works are like songs of joy or love letters to these places.


When I draw the city of Tartous, I draw inspiration from a world of intertwined elements: where water, humidity, wetness and light mingle with architecture and history; where the solid strength of the city's walls which have withstood the test of time still stand to this day; where the reflections in the water are still the same as they have always been.


My work becomes like singing in mystery and self, so that it develops and thrives outside its uniform content.