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Adnan Hamidah:
Born 1962 in Damascus. In his works, which are characterized by light, wind and a stormy brush, a development of his painting technique can be seen. In his paintings he arranges symbolic elements into tightly arranged rooms, similar to pigeon nests, or into small, roughly carved cells. Here the influence of Palestinian Expressionism on the sensitivity of Syrian Expressionism can be felt. Hamideh is an intellectual artist. I remember a remark he made in an interview about the creation of his paintings. He thought that his technique was based on the alternation between destruction and construction, between dismantling, building and renewed dismantling, up to the realization of the essence of the problem and the core question of painting.
By Dr. Asaad Arabi
A word from Adnan:
"I see a movement in the objects, although they are like rigid rocks when they move through the clouds like the ship on the horizon. I want the viewer to find out what has been drawn and to understand that it represents something he knew before he saw it. Memories of human nature, expressed as colourful music in times of pollution. The movement of colours and shapes produces sounds that seem like beautiful voices. But they are called in a weak voice and there is no one who can answer…"
Contemporary Art in Syria - Bremen 2019
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