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Omran Younes:
Born 1971 in Al-Hassakeh. He is the youngest and most furious of the exhibiting artists. Very clearly and strongly he expresses the Syrian suffering, so that he stands today as an eloquent symbol of this nightmare. His paintings are full of horror scenes: Coffins for "dead-living", corpses of people who breathe out their last breath with panic fear and eyes observing the details of the dismemberment of their own corpse while waiting for the end. His paintings depict excerpts from this dark scene, like samples under the lens of the microscope. Thus, the design of the figures, the stabbing, slaughtering and skinning seems to be between realistic representation and abstraction. His creative talent is reflected in the firmness of the drawing, the exactness of the colouring and the fineness of the harmony.  The acrylic layers of paint accumulate before being sketched again with charcoal pencils. One can feel the open nervousness of the artist, which reveals his talent in intuitive painting. The whole process then ends with the protection of the fragile lines by spraying them with a fixative. At the end of the painting process, he suddenly stops as if he had survived an emergency birth.
By Dr. Asaad Arabi
A word from Omran:

"I want to paint people who breathe and feel, suffer and love"

(Edvard Munch)

"When art becomes a protest … In this human slaughterhouse, a protest against the pain, the invisible, the human moment of fear and death that develops into screams on this white cloth until it becomes painful pores and the black painted lines penetrate the body of the earth like a plough to make art a clear line of certainty… Its price is only life itself."

Contemporary Art in Syria - Bremen 2019
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